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Video 3 

"F.I.T.A.S.C. Sporting Clays Ultimate

 Challenge with Will Fennell"

Video 4

Timed To Win with Anthony

 Matarese Jr."

Video 5

One Man's Passion with Cyril S.


An exciting new series of instructional shooting videos featuring the world’s most successful shooter and coach, Dan Carlisle.  All videos are shot exclusively in HD 1080i and offer breathtaking views in split screen, ultra slow motion and many other views.  No shooter has ever dominated as many disciplines as Dan Carlisle. He is a 13 time National Champion, a World Champion and an Olympic Medalist through his accomplishments in Skeet, Trap, and now Sporting Clays.  As a full time instructor for over 20 years, no one has developed as many Champions and Olympians as Dan Carlisle.  If you want to learn the secrets of the Champions, what really sets them apart, then this is the series for you, taught by someone who has lived it.

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