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Video 2 "Perfect Trap"

A foolproof system for consistent Trap shooting

with Dan Carlisle & Ed Arrighi

Whether you are a newcomer to Trap shooting, or a veteran and top class shot, you will come away from this video with an improved understanding of the game of Trap from a Champions perspective.  Dan Carlisle started his historic career in trap shooting and has always seen himself as a trap shooter at heart.  Through many championships, World and National Crowns, and ultimately an Olympic Medal, Dan has devoted many years of his life to absolutely perfecting the game of Trap.  With over 20 years of experience in being the most successful shooting coach in the United States, and the only one to build Champions in all disciplines, Dan has developed a uniquely engaging and focused teaching style which his students say keeps them pumped up and eager to improve.

 Perfect Trap was shot entirely in HD 1080i High Definition Video and edited with state of the art equipment.  You will see, as never before shown, the theoretical and practical development of the perfect Trap Shot.  Through extensive use of Champion Video Productions unique Carlisle-Cam you will see what the Champions see in ultra slow motion at all three events.  The chapter on shooting doubles shows a revolutionary new technique  that is virtually guaranteed to improve your scores.

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